Learn Guitar for Christian Sing-Alongs

O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. ----Psalm 95 :1


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Learn to play the guitar!


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Letters from the hearts of those who took the leap of faith to learn guitar:

To: Christian Sing Along Publishing

Subject line: You're changing hundreds of lives!


My name is Leah and when I found your web site I knew I had to write you. I ordered your song book from the Brio magazine a few yrs. ago because I wanted to play the guitar. I got one one Christmas and started playing it the next when I got an electric tuner. I have to tell you that your book was such a blessing to me, but not only to me, but to hundreds of others. The scriptures in the book kept me going, and I really wanted to give up.But I prayed and practiced for an hour a day, seven days a week, for ten weeks, and praise God! Since learning those few simple chords I have had many of ministry opportunities, I'll accutally be starting to lead praise and worship for the women's prison ministry tomorrow night! I played at my high school graduation, for children's camp, for a nursing home, and most importantly, for Jesus! Man, you'll never know what your book has done! I now write my own songs and have a CD. It's just for like a demo thing for ministry, but it's still cool.

People always want me to play praise and worship, I've played for a small church, for home church at a friends house, virtually everywhere. Any ways, thank you, and God richly bless you!

- Leah


You can do it, too!

To: Christian Sing-Along Publishing

first of all, thank you sooooo much for the first lesson book for the guitar! it was soooo awesome! i had really been looking for some way to help "spark" my relationship with God, and trust me, this truly helped! it gave me another new way to serve the greatest influence on my life! but my other reason for writing is to ask if the other two books (2 and 3) are ready to be ordered yet. i saw in the back of book #1 where it said that they were being made, but i wasn't sure if i could order them now or not. well, once again, thank you soooo much for putting these lesson books together, i truly believe they are helping people come closer to God. keep up the great work!!!

god bless--whitney mccall :)


To: Christian Sing Along Publishing


I want you to know that my husband and I have really enjoyed Christian Sing-Along Guitar - Book One. we will be starting Week 10 tomorrow, and we were wondering if there is a Book Two, yet? We figured that after Book Two, we will be ready to go on tour!!! :) Well, not quite; but we are interested in continuing our lessons.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless others!


To: Armand, @Christian Sing Along Publishing

My wife and I are working with the children's ministry at our church and they asked my wife to lead Praise and Worship earlier this week. Well, last night she kinda' lost her voice soooo, I had to stand in for her (she did play the keyboard instead of her Tiple). So, Armed with my Christian Sing-Along book we led, and it worked just fine. You know IF you sing LOUD enough no one even knows when you play a D instead of a G by mistake!

Keep up the good work and God Bless you!

In Christ, Kevin


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Will you sing along?

(Click on the underlined words that interest you.)

If you can sing, will you set aside some time to learn to play the guitar? It's not that hard you know. You can already sing, so you just have to learn where to put your fingers to make chords, and how to strum.

If you can play guitar will you lead others in song?

Will you teach someone else to play and to lead and to share the songs of Christ?

Christianity is always just one generation from being extinct. Will you dedicate some time to passing on your love in song? It is likely to bring you joyjoyjoy.



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God Bless You!